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Patient Data Shows Link Between Type 2 Diabetes And Statins

Taking medicines to keep cholesterol at bay has become ordinary, but scientists have discovered that doing so can augment the risk of people for another disease. A research performed by scientists from Ohio State University proposes that consuming statins, a drug that functions to lower blood pressure, can raise consumers’ threat for developing type 2 diabetes. Researcher Victoria Zigmont said, “The detail that augmented duration of statin usage was linked to an elevated threat of diabetes—that we refer a dose-dependent relationship—compels us to consider that this is probably a causal relationship.”

To observe the impacts cholesterol drug had on patients, the scientists examined data for more than 4,600 women and men—all without diabetes at the study’s start. They discovered that though the drug functioned in keeping high cholesterol maintained and thwarting heart disease, those consuming statins were also more prone to have high hemoglobin A1C levels, a marker of diabetes.

The team found that study volunteers consuming statins had twofold the threat of developing diabetes, whereas those who remained on the medication for more than 2 Years were over 3 times as expected to suffer from diabetes. The team anticipates that this research is eye-opening for those playing a role in the healthcare field as well as patients who are recommended these medications.

Researcher Steve Clinton, said, “Scientists, in addition, performing large prospective cohort studies should be mulling over how statins influence the overall health of humans. They should regard as both benefits and risks, not merely the ailment that is being treated by the particular medication.” On a similar note, collaborative research by a team of Connecticut scientists demonstrates there is a strong link between insulin resistance and food insecurity, the underlying issue in type 2 diabetes. This insulin resistance happens when cells are not capable of responding naturally to the hormone insulin.

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