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Del Taco And Beyond Meat Shake Hands For Surging Taco’s Sales

Del Taco had 2 Months prior signed an agreement with a lab-grown meat company Beyond Meat. The fast-food chain outlet has expanded in the past few years such that it covers almost 580 locations in the US and also plans to sell the plant-based meat of Beyond along with its Tacos for just $2.49. The plant-based beef industry is believed to escalate in a few years and Del finds it very fortunate to have shaken hands with Beyond Meat. Beyond Meat has its own IPO to raise its stock price to about $170 Million in addition to the market cap of at least $10 Billion. The current value is higher than 80 S&P 500 companies such as Macy’s. Beyond has come up with a newer version of improvised burger that tastes meatier and also cooks faster compared to others.

From all the plant-based meat produced by other companies, Beyond Meat is the best and backing off by Del Taco’s competitor Taco Bell is quite a surprise. Taco Bell is definitely going to miss out on quite a bit. The lab-grown meat is proving to be an enormous accomplishment. The Beyond taco was the latest product to be launched along with a sale of 2 Million. Del had come up with Beyond products including the “Epic Beyond Cali Burrito” and “Beyond 8 Layer Burrito” plus giving away of Beyond burritos for free with any product a month back. The soy and almond milk, veggie burgers, and fake chicken are gaining popularity and also becoming tastier than the real ones. The imitating capability of the flavors and textures of meat is proving fruitful for Beyond. Beyond Meat has planned to replace vegans with bean-based veggie burgers.

As the people are choosy when it comes to taste and texture, Beyond Meat has to come up with the best so as to thrive in the plant-based meat industry. Burger King has also planned to expand its Impossible Whoppers across Qdoba with the aim of beating its rival. Tyson and Purdue have also entered the alternative meat industry. Now Taco Bell and McDonald’s are showing interest in joining the plant-based meat industry. The idea of replacing meat is to have an impact on CO2 emissions, antibiotics needs, and poultry. The future of protein is set to change.

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