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Israeli Firm Cellebrite States It Can Unlock Any iPad Or iPhone For Police

Cellebrite, an Israeli firm, asserts it has built software that can is capable of unlocking any iPad, iPhone, or high-end Android devices. The firm took to Twitter to pronounce the new variant of Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED), named UFED Premium. This solution was developed to assist the law enforcement organizations to unlock and my information from locked Android or iPhone smartphones.

Cellebrite is apparent that it will put its hacking tool for sale to the law enforcement organizations and governments attempting to unlock handsets utilized by terrorists or criminals. The firm stated its UFED Premium software will enable police to obtain access to the third-party app information, downloaded emails, email attachments, chat conversations, and more.

The firm states it’s Universal Forensic Extraction Device Premium (UFED Premium) backs Apple devices operating on iOS 7 to iOS 12.3 in addition to the high-end smartphones like the Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S8, and handsets from Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, and Motorola. Cellebrite is among the few firms across the globe that specializes in mining information from mobile devices.

On a similar note, this is not the first time Cellebrite has unlocked a device. Prior to this, reportedly the firm also assisted the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) in unlocking the iPhone 5C possessed by one of the gunmen, Sayed Rizwan Farook, engaged in a terrorist assault at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, CA.

The FBI had asked Apple to develop a special variant of iOS, a kind of backdoor to get all the information stores in iPhone 5C of Farook. Nevertheless, Apple countered a judge’s order to assist the FBI to unlock an encrypted iPhone utilized by one of the terrorists engaged in the San Bernardino shooting. The refusal of Tim Cook, Apple CEO, to develop a backdoor to the iPhone began a national debate over national security vs. user privacy.

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