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Kenya, Tanzania Fear Over Cross Border Spread Of Ebola In Uganda

Kenya has recently found an Ebola patient following which Tanzania has announced for a tightened security by the end of this week as the Ebola outbreak seems to be entered Uganda from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) last week. This will be considered as the second-worst outbreak of the virus on record. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), has entered Uganda to review the condition in the country after its first two Ebola deaths of a grandmother and a grandson. The relatives who have successfully crossed the DRC borders are confirmed victims of Ebola and thus, need to be found so as to control the spread of the disease. The Ugandan Ministry of Health has confirmed that the director’s visit is to analyze the teams work.

Uganda has calculated that around 96 people have possibly come in contact with the family have already started administering the Ebola vaccine that was not present in 2014 during the outbreak. People in Uganda, especially the patients, have started to flee to DRC and it is believed to cause a lot of chaos and ease for the virus to spread. The Ebola outbreak is assumed in Uganda after distrust observed among the locals. The identification of Ebola virus symptoms including fever, vomiting, and hemorrhaging in the patients confirms their isolation.

After Kenya confirming the start of Ebola, Tanzania has issued an alert so as to avoid any chances of the potential cases. The health officials have been told to be vigilant in Tanzania. The Ebola-affected families have to be taken care of by the officials in isolation and the deceased have to be burned so as to avoid further spread. The informal crossing at the borders is likely to cause the spread of the virus across borders.  The concern among other nearby African nations is increasing.

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