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Physical Pain Can Be Reduced By Being With Loved Ones

A new study has come up with a suggestion that being present with a romantic, loving partner comes with a surprising benefit to the health. Earlier researches showed that a mere touch of our loved ones acted as a pain soother. But, this new research proves that physical pain can be minimized by just being with loved ones.

A last year’s research showed that when loved ones hold hands of their other significant half, they show enhanced resilience towards painful stimulation. It was suggested by the test that when we are touched by somebody we love, a synchronization of our brain waves take place, making painful stimulation feel less painful.

However, a new research done by scholars from the University of HSMIT (Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology), Hall, Austria and the Univ. of BI (Balearic Islands), Spain, think that by simply being in the presence of the loved ones, without being touched, can also create the exact effect.

As per the scientists, only being present in the exact room as that of the person’s romantic other half can enhance tolerance towards pain, even if no physical contact is being established. These research findings got published in the SJOP (Scandinavian Journal of Pain).

The research was done with 48 heterosexual partners, having a mean age of partners as 25.40 and them staying together for a mean time span of 3.22 years. The research conducted two different tests to observe a partner’s tolerance to pain in the absence and presence of the other partner.

It was observed in the experiment, that the partners showed enhanced tolerance to painful stimulation in the presence of their loved ones than what was shown in their romantic partner’s absence. In second experiment, partner had to remain passive, without touching or speaking. A tool called, Pressure Algometer was used by researchers to measure sensitivity of pain. The study clearly established that it improved resilience to the pain in presence of their partner. Also it was observed that when there was higher sympathy from the partner, resilience to the pain was also higher.

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