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Drinking Beer Can Be A Great Motivating Factor For Exercises

Who knew that someday what was considered to produce belly fat, would be important to burn away belly fat itself? That’s right, in a recent health study it has been found out that Beer, or any alcohol for that matter, when consumed in moderation, maybe a brilliant motivator to keep people working out. Though Scientists still need to do much deeper research and test areas, as to figure out the connection, several studies have found that people who have a moderate drinking habit tend to exercise more than the ones who have abstained themselves from drinking.

Mike Zamzow, the brewmaster and owner of Bull Falls Brewery in Wausau, Wisconsin, has fully supported the above-mentioned fact and is currently looking forward to launching a combination of burpee exercises and beer for fans of his business. Starting next week, Bull Falls will be organizing an event named Butts and Beers, an exercise class that combines some cardio and yoga with beer, where the partaker will be getting a beer after the exercise regime. The idea of Butts and Beers was inspired from a yoga class at a Minnesota brewery. Zamzow has already witnessed success with the exercise beer workout combo.

Zamzow thinks this that because of the interesting feature of the exercise routine, the pain and beer gain will be helpful to people for keeping their New Year’s fitness goals.

As has the celebration factor. It’s common to see teams sharing something cold after a win. Which also equally applies to any victory in life, no matter how small it is. In order to reward oneself for the hard work he/she has gone through, they may want to carry on that feeling into the bar, as stated by Leigh Leasure, an associate professor and director of behavioral neuroscience lab at the University of Houston.

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