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EU Warns Brazil Of Trade Retaliation Over Amazon Rainforest Blaze

Leaders of European Union had announced on August 23, 2019, to break off a contract with South America. This has been thought of due to the increasing international anger towards Brazil because of the country’s negligence in the number of fires in Amazon rainforest. And this has heightened environmental crisis to altogether new level. In the midst of the united chaos all over the world and contempt, the President of Britain, who is from the right wing party has asked the entire nation for patience and ordered army to help the blazes. However, his administration on the other hand has shown interest in repairing bridges overseas rather than the acute environmental concern.

More than half of the rainforest of the world are in Amazon. The recent forest fire has caused a surge of about 83%. This has led to destruction of huge areas of the significant bulwark which till date acted as a cover against the climate change. Emmanuel Macron, the president of France had called for a meeting of G7 leaders in order to extensively discuss the acute environmental crisis in Brazil during the weekend at Biarritz, the seaside coastal resort in France. France and Ireland had jointly raised voices against a deal of the EU which was made back in June with a certain South American bloc after listening to the casual response of Brazil regarding such a calamity.

After witnessing the heart wrenching images of the forest fires in Brazil’s Amazon, protests have spread across the world outside embassies of Brazil in places like London, Paris, Mexico City and Lima etc. The ex military officer of Brazil did not take all this seriously and said the fire increased the temperature only more than the average and said further building infrastructure is required for improving the lives of 20 million residents. Environmentalists have warned that this would cause more harm as more buildings naturally indicate towards increased deforestation.

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