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Reducing 300 Calories Per Day Might Reduce Heart Risks

A recent health study has revealed that both the heart and the lung performance of a body can be greatly uplifted but shedding off 300 calories from their daily meal plan. This rule is applicable both for obese people as well as healthy people. The calorie cut off can be obtained via several methods, either through intermittent fasting, or by skipping meals, or cutting off food portions, especially sugar-based products. A study had the for the past two years, where the participants had shown a decrease in the blood pressure and bad cholesterols and a significant reduction of nearly 24% drop in triglyceride accumulations in the body.

It has repeatedly been proven that a proper balance between exercise and diet leads to very optimum bodily performance. However neither can be fully utilized without the aid of the other; which means if the body does not intake proper food to refuel its energy that has been lost in exercise, then the body shall become underweight. Also, if the body does not get enough activities to burn off the calories and extra food components it has gained via food intake, it shall make the body overweight.

A clinical study was conducted at three health centers in the US, over 218 healthy adults, having age ranging from 21 to 50 years. 143 of such test cases were instructed to cut off 25% of their normal meal courses, while the remaining were allowed to eat freely, whatever they wished. Though not 25%, but the individuals managed to lessen their calorie intake by 11.9% amounting to nearly a loss of 297 calories per day.  The cholesterol levels, triglycerides and the blood pressure levels were closely monitored by health experts, and they found out that total net LDL cholesterol had a considerable reduction over the two years for the group that had maintained the cut in their calories and almost insignificant fat loss in the group who didn’t.

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