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DSLR Cameras Becoming New Subject To Malware And Cyber Hacking—Report

The complexities and advancements of malicious software for data theft and bankruptcy have become quite prevalent over the past few years. Users getting locked out of their own accounts, hospital management data-based expenses robbed away, even the forecast on weather channels are getting fabricated via web attacks.

Now along with the computational devices, recently scientists and analysts have discovered another commonly used commodity that has become a potential target for hacking: the DSLR camera. Recently a report conveyed by Check Point Software Technologies has disclosed the results of an experimentation process where they attempted to wirelessly install a hacking application on the camera and was found to be successful in hacking it, very easily.

Eyal Itkin, the researcher who was a part of the experiment, has reported that due to the simplicity in the memory and processing structure of the DSLR camera, planting a bug or malware in it is not a difficult process at all. According to Itkin, the best method of remote transfer of malware into a camera is done by the process of transferring pictures, as the process requires no authorization, and can be implemented via a variety of platforms such as Wi-Fi and USB.

Itkin has recently posted a video about him hacking a Canon E0S 80D via Wi-Fi and changing the picture details in the SD card to such an extent that they would new become inaccessible to the user. Due to the simplicity of security features as well a common spot of information documents, DSLR cameras have become a popular target for hackers, using personal pictures and documents as blackmail materials and demanding ransom from their owner’s in exchange for the decryption key. Although Itkin had experimented with only a Canon camera, he has claimed that due to canon being the top brand in photography, therefore other similar camera producing companies might also be facing the problem.

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