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Digital Universe Machine Gives An Insight Into Evolution Of Galaxy

It has always been a puzzled situation for humans when it comes to the questions like how do galaxies change or grow with time or how our Milky Way came into existence. Thanks to simulations of supercomputers that a team led by scientists of Arizona University is close to finding these answers.

Scientists would only get snapshot of time by observing the galaxies in real-time. Therefore, the researchers and scientists who are willing to study the evolution of galaxies that happened over billions of years have to take help of simulations by supercomputers.

Assistant Professor at US Steward University, Peter Behroozi with his team has generated a simulation which has millions of universes having different physical theories about galaxy formation. They have published their findings in a popular astronomical journal which challenges the fundamental concepts like role of dark matter in formation of galaxy, birth of stars in galaxies and evolution of galaxies with time.

Lead Author of the study, Behroozi said that they could create numerous kinds of universes and compare it with the present one too which would lead to infer them what rules lead to the galaxies we see.

This study is first of its kind that has created self-consistent universes which are the exact replicas of the actual ones. The simulation represents each universe of sizeable chunk of the actual cosmos which has 12 million galaxies in it and span the time of 400 million years to present day, after Bing Bang.

Behroozi explained that they took 20 years for astronomical observations and compared to millions of mock universes that they had created. He asked that if the universe looked right because if it didn’t then they would go back, make the necessary modifications and would check the simulation again.

Behroozi and his colleagues are planning to expand this Universe Machine to understand further concepts of galaxies’ existence and it will include morphology and evolution of the shapes of galaxies with time.

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