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Get A Better View Of Moon, Jupiter, Saturn This Weekend

The skywatchers have good news coming their way and it is the appearance of another splendid event in the sky. The night sky is always a spectacular sight to watch as the stars and certain bodies shine brighter on special days. Right now, one of the flabbergasting events that the people have to spare time for is the alignment of the Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn in the night sky this month. These three celestial bodies shine brighter than expected and are more visible during the later part of the night. During this incredible astronomical event, the Jupiter and Saturn will be aligned sidewise across the southern sky from August 9 to 11, 2019.

The Moon will be present next to Saturn on August 10 and make the ringed planet appear brighter. Jupiter will be the brightest body in the night sky this month as Venus will be losing its brightness to the Sun’s glare. The three outer space bodies will be present close to the star Antares once it is dark. Antares is one of the brightest stars in the constellation Scorpius. As Saturn will be moving toward the right of Jupiter, the Moon will drift toward Saturn on August 9–11, 2019. The Moon can be seen shifting toward north, south, or right over Saturn on August 11–12, 2019. For spotting the exact moment of the Moon, one’s position does matter. According to Maritime astronomer Bruce McClure, the Moon moves half-a-degree eastward per hour.

The events like these have taken place earlier. Like amid July 13 and July 16, the Moon was found to have passed from the middle of the two planets. And this weekend, a similar stellar movement can be seen happening. To top it all, September will also have its first week showing the charismas of the three planetary bodies in the deep, dark sky.

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