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Bangladesh witnesses The Biggest Dengue Outbreak In Its History

The incidents last 24 hours have proved to be one of the worst in the history of Bangladesh, as the country is currently struggling with its biggest breakout of dengue. According to a health ministry official, the number of patients affected with dengue has already crossed one thousand, most of whom are children and babies.

Doctors have dealt with nearly 13,600 cases so far in the year 2019, where more than half of the patient cases(8300 cases approximately) have arisen in July. Ayesha Akhter, assistant director at Directorate General of health services has confirmed that this is the worst outbreak of dengue Bangladesh has ever had to deal with, where their capital Dhaka, has been the worst affected zone in the country, with hospitals barely managing to make to space for the increasing number of patients.

The notoriety of dengue includes flu-like manifestations, excruciating headaches, breaking of rashes all over the body as well as severe muscle & joint pains. According to the annual report on the globally infected patients, nearly 500,000 dengue-affected patients require hospitalization, among which about 12,500 die. As on August 1, nearly 5,838 patients in Bangladesh have been provided hospitalization services for their critical conditions and the number of infected has risen up to 19,500 so far.

Also, the manifestation of dengue in Bangladesh is also a warning to all the Asiatic countries which show a gradual escalation in mosquito-borne diseases, accelerating the possibilities of a worldwide health concern in the upcoming future. Also, with the gradual expansion of dengue from Bangladesh to Brazil, there are chances that the disease can find its way to different other parts of the world as well. Also, repeated use of common mosquito-repellent drugs over a long span of time has rendered them ineffective, as the mosquitoes have grown immune to them.

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