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Private Space Industry Race In For Lunar Exploration

A long-lasting digital library, human remains, and capsule containing a staggering amount of messages from 80,000 children will be sent to moon during 2021. This signifies the beginning of a commercial angle in lunar surface exploration and a new milestone for private space sector. This weekend marks 50 years since the first moon landing. Washington has called for another such visit in 2024, during Trump’s potential 2nd term and 4 years ahead of schedule.

Although considered nearly impossible, it resembles the conditions of the first program. The private sector is now aiding NASA, with Space X, Blue Origin serving NASA for all its needs. The latter is now outsourcing operations to the private industry, the latest move being the award of $79.5 million to Astrobiotic, for carrying government cargo.

The company’s earnings at this point are mostly advance payments received from customers. Apart from time capsules and human remains, Astrobiotic also has a sponsorship with DHL. Chad Anderson stated that it was absolutely crazy how a company which has only raised $2.5 million so far will head to the lunar surface in one and half years.

A new Moon-based economy is in the works, with the Moon positioned to become a stepping stone and industrial base for the complete solar system. NASA is now moving forward with fixed-price agreements, freeing up its budget significantly.

If water is available on Moon, it could be used as a propellant for future missions. Precious metal mining would also be profitable. The next space race is on its way. NASA is now bidding awarding away parts of the next human mission. The government is trying to pull off an early landing and private sector firms are trying to use his to their advantage. Blue Origin and SpaceX are now focusing on moon.

Proponents call for increasing reliance on private sector companies. However, this comes with risks. Several executives wonder if NASA would ever let companies design their own solutions. They also face political uncertainties. When leaders change, so does opinion about space exploration. However, companies do believe that a permanent presence on the lunar surface is inescapable.

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