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Blood Donation At American Red Cross Falls Short Of Expectations

The Red Cross in America finds a shortage of blood donation.

An emergency call has been issued so that all individuals who are eligible to donate blood can join together, to prevent delay in serving deserving patients who require blood immediately.

Americans will be traveling a lot during their holidays and this has brought about fewer blood drives.

Red Cross has only a three-day supply in almost all blood types which are not sufficient and may create a shortage. It has a shortage of platelet and blood donors which is a risky situation, in case of a critical need for blood.

Red Cross usually requires about 14 units of type O blood, but it faced a shortage early this year when it had only a two-day supply of it.

But for this July Fourth week, there are far fewer blood drives than the usual number found during other weeks.  Blood drives organized by community groups and businesses were lagging by 450 drives last week than during a typical week, due to the activities and travel associated with the holidays.

In June, the organization launched a campaign named Missing Types to encourage new blood donors to donate platelets or blood for the summer months. But still, blood donations were not sufficient and were lagging by 24,000 fewer donations than required.

Main blood groups that are much in demand are the A, B and O groups. Type O donors are more in demand and can use the Blood Donor App to contact the organization.

American Red Cross has given a call for more blood donors stating those patients who need critical blood types cannot take treatment without proper blood group available immediately.

Facilities are mad for quick donations, by answering an online questionnaire about health history. Even those who are interested to host a blood drive can sign up at the website to sponsor the drive.

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