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German State Prohibits Office 365 In Schools, Mentioning Privacy Issues

Schools in the Hesse (the German state) will no longer be capable of using Microsoft’s Office 365 due to the EU’s GDPR laws, the data protection commissioner of the state has claimed. The media reports that the problem emerged after Microsoft in August last year shut its German data center, generating the possible danger for its consumers’ info to be authorized by US authorities.

The telemetry system of Windows 10 gathers a wide series of info about how you employ its services and products, relying on how your privacy settings are set up. This info can comprise email subject lines, and any words where you employ software to translate by Microsoft. Media claims that if you have telemetry data settings of Windows 10 set to “Enhanced,” then it can also gather the materials of your system memory when a crash takes place, which can comprise sensitive data.

Answering to the news, a Microsoft spokesperson claimed about the concerns of the commissioner, but highlighted the alternatives administrators already have to restrict the level of info that is sent to the firm when Office 365 is linked to a school or work account. They also claimed that the firm has lately launched new functions to provide more management over this info, and highlighted that the firm has earlier successfully took legal action ageist the US government over authorization to user data in Europe.

On a related note, Microsoft is finally disclosing precisely how many users are employing its Slack rival Microsoft Teams. The software manufacturer claims that over 13 Million individuals are employing Microsoft Teams every day, together with over 19 Million weekly active consumers. This is the first time Microsoft has disclosed an active user count, and the firm’s earlier update was that 500,000 agencies were employing the service earlier in March.

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