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Researchers Discovered WhatsApp To Be Good For Your Wellbeing

Social media has become a part of the majority of people’s daily lives. And this recent study can be good news for them. Researchers have discovered that time spent on digital platforms like WhatsApp, can be good for our health. The study, issued in the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, discovered that the text-based messaging application—that provides users with group chat abilities—has a constructive influence on psychological health. The research discovered that the more time spent by people on WhatsApp every day, they were less lonesome and had higher self-esteem because of feeling closer to family and friends.

A Professor from the Edge Hill University “There’s countless debate regarding whether spending time on such platforms is bad for our health, however, we’ve discovered it may not be as terrible as we consider. The more time spent by people on WhatsApp, the more it linked them to feel close to their family & friends and they saw these connections to be good quality. On top of this, the more closely connected these acquaintances were and the more people felt connected with their WhatsApp groups, this was associated with more positivity to their social competence and self-esteem. The results show how entailing factors associated with social bonding capital is extremely relevant within this field as a means of comprehending how technology usage links to psychosocial wellbeing.”

Likewise, spending at least 2 h each week in nature might be a vital threshold for enhancing wellbeing and health, as per a new large-scale study performed by the University of Exeter. The study, issued in sponsored by NIHR and Scientific Reports, discovered that individuals who spend at least 120 min in nature every week are considerably more expected to report higher psychological wellbeing and good health compared to those who do not visit nature in any way during an average week.

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