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Research Focuses On Impact Of Anesthesia And Surgery On MS Relapse Risk

A latest Multiple Sclerosis Journal research that involved data from about 609 surgeries and 281 patients highlight that post-operative MS relapse threat does not notably differ from pre-operative relapse threat. No earlier studies have systematically reviewed the influence of anesthesia administration or surgery on relapse threat, but in clinical practice, it is a big concern.

This concern significantly influences clinical decision making. These decisions, such as neurology consultations for pre-operative clearance, can setback key surgeries, potentially needlessly. Lindsey De Lott, M.D., Assistant Professor, Neurology, is the first author of this study. She says she hopes this study offers patients and physicians the confidence in shifting forward in the procedural decision-making process. Lott proclaimed, the notion that patients with MS might be at higher risk of relapse after surgery isn’t essentially the case, so the researchers need to be cautious delaying key surgeries.

On a similar note, novel research demonstrated that the use of statins is significantly associated with a decrease in the threat of death in dementia patients. This research was presented this week at the 5th European Academy of Neurology (EAN) Congress. The research analyzed about 44,920 Swedish dementia patients from the Swedish Dementia Registry between 2008 and 2015. This study discovered that statins users had about 22% lesser risk of all-cause fatality compared to matched non-users.

The study also showed that statins users had about 23% drop in the threat of stroke. Reportedly, this threat is three times more probable in individuals with mild dementia and about seven times more probable in those with critical dementia. The protective outcomes of statins on survival were positive for patients younger than about 75 Years (about 27% reduction) and in men (approximately 26% reduction). At the same time, older patients and women also were benefited (about 20% and 17% reduction, respectively).

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