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Elon Musk Claims Free Self-Driving Chip Update Might Come To Older Cars

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, claims that the firm will “most expectedly” begin retrofitting its more powerful, new processing chip into earlier cars close to the year end. The new FSD processor is the first to have been developed in-house. Tesla claims that it provides 21x the performance of the Nvidia processors it restores—a statement Nvidia disagrees. The new processor has been exporting in Model X, S, and 3 vehicles since before its declaration, but soon it will be provided as an update to 0.5 Million Tesla users.

Elon Musk has made big commitments about the new processor, which he states has sufficient power to eventually consider completely self-driving vehicles, when and if the software levels up. The updated FSD computer comprises 2 of these new processors for redundancy. In spite of being a lot more influential, the firm says the new processors costs 20% less as compared to its earlier “HW2+” Nvidia hardware, and only uses a bit extra power.

The FSD processor update will be provided without any cost to any Tesla user who have paid for the firm’s “Full Self-Driving” add-on bundle, which has a price tag of $6,000. Overall, Musk predicts that there are almost 500,000 vehicles that are well-matched with the new processor, even though not all of them will have paid for the bundle that will let them to get the update free of cost.

On a related note, Tesla did not have the best start to this year, but it is looking rosier toward the mid of 2019. The firm set records for both deliveries and production in the Q2, having delivered 95,200 electric vehicles and made 87,048 of them during the span of 3 Month. Those are huge strides in comparison to both the previous quarter and a year ago.

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