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PTScientists Persists Moon Operation In Spite Of Preliminary Bankruptcy

Reportedly, Berlin space start-up—PTScientists—has filed for bankruptcy in recent time with the competent district court in Charlottenburg, Berlin. This was owing to unintentional postponements in the attainment of further subsidies and incentives for the proposed Moon operation. The resulting liquidity scarcity made the application lawfully essential. Lawyer Sascha Feies has been selected as interim insolvency administrator. The research projects and business operations of the scientific enterprise persist to function without any limitations during the bankruptcy proceedings. The workforce at PTScientists continues to function on making the first European moon operation a reality.

The firm is the only one in Europe that has a moon lander at a superior stage of development. Allegedly, PTScientists has joined hands with the ESA (European Space Agency) and ArianeGroup, the aerospace group. PTScientists and ArianeGroup are examining a future ESA moon operation as a part of a mutual study. The ISRU (in-situ resource utilization) operation is to test technical protocols for utilizing the resources of the moon. Robert Boehme—CEO and Founder of PTScientists—said, “The bankruptcy petition gets us back a little eventually, as we first have to protect together with the liquidation administrator. Nevertheless, given our clear achievements and progress that we have shown in the last few months, we are well placed to flourish from the insolvency procedure and implement our moon mission as planned.”

On a similar note, earlier, ArianeGroup and PTScientists collaborated to investigate lunar lander operation for the ESA. The ESA has awarded an agreement to a group that comprises Europe’s biggest launch services supplier and an ex-Google Lunar X Prize competitor to analyze an idea for a mission to excavate lunar regolith. In January, ArianeGroup announced that it has obtained a 1-Year contract from the ESA to survey a lunar lander mission proposal that will be launch by the end of 2025.

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