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Brazil To Include Digital Data Protection To Basic Rights

The Brazilian Senate has sanctioned a proposal to include protection of info in digital services to the list of individual citizen guarantees and fundamental rights set out in the nation’s constitution. As per Senator Simone Tebet, the federal government might be accountable for legislation. She claimed that including the topic to the constitution shows central government knows the significance of the matter.

“Society and state should be entitled, as a normal rule, to know about each other, as long as there is an actual requirement. Other than that, data privacy must be maintained as much as achievable,” Tebet claimed. The general data protection law of Brazil was due to put into effect in February 2020 but a stopgap action inked by ex-president Michel Temer just prior to leaving office in January this year has expanded the deadline to August 2020.

Previously this year, the National Authority for Personal Data Protection has also been generated, with attributions comprising the making of structures on how to guide organizations and manage information on how to obey the laws. The authority will also be accountable for applying fines to and monitoring non-compliant agencies. The new developments come amongst new public issues surrounding digital privacy sparked by a sequence of reports posted by media.

On a related note, the data privacy authority of the UK has declared that it aims to tax its biggest ever fine in opposition to airline BA (British Airways). The airline will have to give £183.39 Million (almost $230 Million) to the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) for failing to defend its users’ info.

In September 2018, attackers stole the info of anybody who booked a flight via the BA site over a 2-week course, impacting almost 380,000 users. The pilfered info comprised payment information, login details, addresses, and travel booking information. The attack was coordinated by a well-formed group who were also accountable for other security violations such as the one impacting Ticketmaster UK (the ticket website).

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