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NASA Discloses A Novel Interactive Feature “Space in All 50 States”

Space Place, an award-winning website from NASA, recently created a novel interactive map of the U.S. Reportedly, this map lets the user find NASA connections in their state and beyond. “NASA in the 50 States” was crafted at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California from NASA. Actually, the feature was intended for third- to sixth-standard students. However, it is full of fun facts for the population of all ages.

Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator, Science Mission Directorate, Washington, NASA, proclaimed that in honor of nation’s birthday, the space agency shares “NASA in the 50 States.” This feature is a fun and informative technique of emphasizing how the space agency serves various communities. He added that NASA touches the lives of individuals across the country daily. The space agency wants to share how it plays a part in America’s exploration of space. With the help of this map, one can find details such as NASA centers, universities, and/or research institutions that work with NASA, Astronaut birthplaces, NASA images relating to all states, and much more.

On a similar note, NASA came into the news as it appeared to successfully carry out a test of the emergency abort system of the aircraft. The space agency expects that the latest system will ultimately take astronauts to the moon safely. This is said to be an important step as the agency attempts to meet a grand White House command to get astronauts to the lunar surface within a period of about five years.

The Orion spacecraft was lifted off from a launchpad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station this week. The spacecraft started its escape system approximately 55 Seconds into the flight, dropping the crew capsule to safety. Eventually, the capsule grounded in the Atlantic Ocean a few miles offshore. Mark Kirasich, Program Manager, Orion, said, “By all first accounts, it was a perfect test.” No crews were on board the aircraft during what NASA named “a high-flying, fast-paced test.”

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