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Premature Infants’ Stress Can Continue Throughout Their Adult Life: Study

One of the U.S. studies focused on premature infants has demonstrated that the stress premature infants witness can continue throughout their adult life. Researchers highlighted that this stress can cause an individual to witness social struggles in school or at work, cognitive limitations, and a higher risk of health ailments. This can also lead to cardiac conditions.

Mary Sullivan, Professor, University of Rhode Island College of Nursing, is supposed to carry on this research for the period of extra five years. Recently, the National Institutes of Health has offered the grant of about a $3 Million for this study. So far, in the period of about 30 Years, this project has collected over $10 Million grant. The research is named as “Allostatic Load & Epigenetic Mechanisms in Lifecourse Trajectories of Preterm Infants at Age 30.”

On a similar note, novel research highlighted that one solution to immunize people against post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety could be made available in recent time. Christopher Lowry, Professor, Integrative Physiology, University of Colorado-Boulder, is a researcher currently focused to study the connection between our mental health and our exposure to soil. He hopes he is on the right track to discover what he names a “stress vaccine.”

At present, Lowry is engaged in exploring why Mycobacterium vaccae, a bacteria naturally found in soil, has been demonstrated to minimize an individual’s inflammation that is related to stress. For his recent study, which is available in the journal “Psychopharmacology,” the research team separated a fatty acid generally found in M. vaccae. They discovered that the fatty acid attached with a receptor to obstruct the pathways to forming inflammation. A few studies have demonstrated that this inflammation can grow the risk of developing critical stress-associated conditions including PTSD.

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