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Splyt Seems To Merge Global Ride-Hailing Apps For International Travelers

The plan of uniting globally established ride-hailing services at a single platform is now transforming into reality, as a UK-based startup, Splyt, has decided to handle this project.

Owing to the acquisition by ride-hailing service providers at the regional basis—such as Uber’s decision to withdraw its services from Southeast Asia, China, and Russia—, the global travelers have to use multiple app-based platforms to take the benefit of cab services in the specific region.

In this continuously growing ride-hailing market worth billion-dollar, an investment of $8 Million in a ride-hailing associated startup is not a big deal. Splyt revealed that this week it raised $8 Million in Series A fund-raising round.

The fusion of globally available ride-hailing services on a single platform will involve a collaboration between Splyt and Grab—Southeast Asian ride-hailing organization. Moreover, the new platform will choose Alipay—a digital wallet app managed by Alibaba’s financial subsidiary—as a payment option.

Though the focus for Splyt would be Asia, still, it has established its headquarters in Singapore.

On a similar note, Uber has recently stated that it has acquired Mighty AI—a computer vision startup—to boost its technology sector for efficiently launching autonomous cars.

Neither of the companies has disclosed the terms of the acquisitions. However, Uber specified that it would shift a team of 40 employees from Mighty AI into its advanced tech group developing plans for developing autonomous taxis.

Mighty AI dedicates itself into the field of Artificial Intelligence, particularly computer vision. The computer vision allows the vehicles to scan its surroundings thoroughly, especially when deployed autonomously.

CEO of Mighty AI, Daryn Nakhuda stated that he has been eager to couple Mighty AI’s knowledge and platform in creating high-quality label information for Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group to speed up the development of autonomous driving technology.

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