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Spotify’s Audio Editing Tool Offering Free Unlimited Cloud Storage

Spotify’s Soundtrap, one of the leading cloud-based editing tools for music and podcasts, has decided to offer free unlimited cloud storage to its non-prime members. Earlier, Soundtrap’s basic plan limits users to only five saved songs or projects. Recently, they have revised the recent version to leverage unlimited cloud storage on Soundtrap for non-prime users as well. The basic music-recording tool will also allow users to access almost triple the number of music loops and more user-friendly features

Sound traps paid members will still get extra benefits like enabled autotune, the ability to restore previously saved versions of files and automation. However, even without those added features, Soundtrap’s non-prime users are still getting amazing features; free editing software with unlimited storage. Originally, premium memberships of Soundtrap are priced $9.99 and $14.99 for music and podcasting, respectively. However, amateur users usually prefer basic plan. This new version is best suitable for listeners, who like to be creative with podcasts or music.

On a similar note, Apple has responded to Spotify’s concerns over antitrust in Europe, and in response, they mentioned that Spotify has raised the bar around the money being captured by the App Store. They said that in the current scenario, Spotify has been leveraging a 15% cut on subscription charges of nearly 680,000 Spotify subscribers, which represents 0.5% of Spotify’s total subscribers, and even Spotify is not paying a 30 percent share. This has been first reported and recently published by Der Spiegel.

To summarize the overall scenario, Spotify is blowing its complaint way out of proportion. However, it is difficult to capture the overall scenario with the current statistics—apparently, it doesn’t matter, as Spotify gave up on App Store subscriptions long back ago.

The European Union is expecting to launch an investigation into the issues raised by Spotify against App Store. If Apple’s argument doesn’t appear to be significant to EU, then there is some possibility that a lot more information regarding the dynamics between both the companies will come in front during the next few years.

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