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Researchers Observe For Very First Time Huge Galaxy Clusters Set To Merge

An international team of researchers has observed for the first instance ever two galaxy clusters are on the verge of crashing—which is an event that is predicted to form a 100-million-degree shockwave in millions of light years—scientists have disclosed. Galaxy clusters are the biggest identified objects vaulted by gravity, and as the name indicates comprises of hundreds of galaxies, each enclosing billions of stars. Owing to their size—which is estimated in the millions of light years—the crash of two galaxy clusters takes almost a billion years to form, meaning the first phase when the clusters’ touch is comparatively short and an unusual moment to witness.

Dr. Huib Intema—from Western Australia’s CIRA (Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy)—said to Xinhua, “Combining galaxy clusters have been seen in several times in different stages of the merger process but this is the first instance that we evidently observe one in which two big subclusters are about to merge. This observation presents the first obvious view on what happens just when two large clusters merge and facilitate us to analyze how the potential energy released during the merger is shaping and affecting the newly-to-be-formed bigger cluster.”

On a similar note, recently, scientists utilize X-rays from distant galaxy cluster to disclose secrets of plasma. The most observable matter in the universe does not seem like our textbook image of a nucleus enclosed by tethered electrons. Outside our borders and inside huge clusters, galaxies dip in a sea of plasma, which is a kind of matter wherein nuclei and electrons wander unmoored. Although it makes up the mass of the evident matter in the universe, this plasma stays poorly understood; researchers do not have a hypothesis that completely describes its behavior, particularly at small scales.

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